Company Overview

Bengal Group of Industries (BGI) is one of the biggest industrial conglomerates in the country since the inception of Bangladesh. The group is always considered as a top 5 business giants in Bangladesh.Bengal group generally renowned for one of the largest plastic industry in Bangladesh .However, our activity are not limited to plastics these days. Over the years BGI diversified its business into Garments, hangers & accessories, Building materials, Flexible packaging, Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, Plastic House wares, Power & renewable energy Real estate, Trading & distribution, Foams & home furnishing, Food & fisheries and electronics & Technologies.BGI will continue to focus on expanding its business in order to create more jobs to elevate poverty in our society. We have also adopted effective CSR program to make positive impact on our community while maximizing business value of our stakeholders and shareholders


Our mission is to strive continuously to exceed customers’ expectations for achieving unlimited excellence by providing greater value to our customers than our competitors.


Our goal is to be the best company in our industry and it is our policy to deliver total quality goods and services to all of our customers. We accomplish this by adopting a set of quality policy throughout the organization.

Management profile


Mr. Morshed Alam, The Chairman and Founder of the Bengal Group of Industries. After completion of his education in 1969 he established Bengal Plastics Ltd., the largest plastic processing industry in the country. Mr. Alam is declared as Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) for his remarkable contribution in the economy. Mr. Alam is serving as the Chairman of National Life Insurance Co. Ltd. –one of the leading life insurance company in the country. He had also served as the Chairman of Mercantile Bank Ltd. With his dynamic leadership the Group also received the Export Trophy from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for our contribution in exports. He received his BS in Business in 1968.





Managing Director

Mr. Humayun Kabir Bablu, the Managing Director of the Bengal Group and the eldest son of Mr. Morshed Alam. Mr. Bablu has graduated from California State University, Los Angeles where he received a BS in Production & Operations Management (POM) in 1996. Mr. Kabir is the Managing Director of Bengal Media Corporation Limited (RTV), Romania Food & Beverage Ltd., and Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Ltd. He also serves as Director of National Finance Ltd.- a NBFI and Modhumoti Bank Ltd.- a newly formed scheduled bank. For his remarkable contribution in the economy, he had declared Commercially Important Person (CIP)by the Government of Bangladesh